Lugar Dos Pousados,
5070-265 Favaios
Telf: +351 259 949 166
Fax: +351 259 958 345

Adega de Favaios

Adega Cooperativa de Favaios has been one of the most prestigious wineries in Portugal since 1952. The spirit of cooperativism of its 550 associates, allied to the knowledge of the "people of Favaios", has boosted the production of the Moscatel Galego Branco variety, making Moscatel de Favaios one of the most emblematic Portuguese wines. The quality of the Adega de Favaios products and services has always been a top priority. To achieve excellence, the winery has set up a department which is responsible for the quality of the various areas of activity, creating policies based on quality that have been implemented in order to comply with the demands of the market. The main goal of this department is to ensure strict compliance with all standards and procedures at all stages of the production process in order to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.

Live Tasting / Meeting

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