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It is clear and bright in appearance, with an attractive golden colour. Favaios is noted for the typical aromas of the moscatel grape, which is very rich and aromatic. The aromas of the grape can be tasted, especially the floral notes, citrus fruits like orange, tangerine and lime, along with honey and caramel. In the mouth it is quite sweet and velvety, recalling honey and fruit jams.
Served on its own and chilled it is excellent with sweet desserts. A more refreshing option, as an aperitif, is to serve it with ice and lemon. For people who prefer drinks that are less sweet, try Favaios and tonic. Serve chilled, between 8º and 10ºC. Once opened the wine retains its quality for about 1 month.

Alcoholic content vol.: 17.00% | pH: 3.45 | Total acidity: 4.00g/L Sugar: 135g/L | Baumé: 5.0

Producer: Adega de Favaios
Tipology: Moscatel

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