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Color: The wine is a deep ruby color with hints of crimson on the rim. Aromas: The nose is dizzying. For those who are not familiar with the old vines which produce Maria Luísa wines, imagine a rich range of ingredients releasing an endless profusion of aromas. This "aromatic symphony" begins with the strong scent of red berries, with a suggestion of plums, raspberries and strawberries. There follow typical spices of the ancestral Douro wines, such as rosemary and a touch of pink pepper. The complex aromas of the forest and even of wild flowers are an indication of the age of the wine, enriched with the diversity of grape varieties to be found in the terroir "Maria Luísa".
Palate: In the mouth, the wine is a true expression of everything an old wine has to offer. Consider the great depth the roots of an old vine reach, and you will be enchanted by the notion of tasting something unique, a treasure. It lingers in the mouth, leaving in our memory the echo of something very special. The tannins are well integrated, and combine structure and elegance in an incomparable symbiosis. The fruity component of the wine reappears, in a whirlwind of tastes which once again confirms the complexity which is so characteristic of an old wine.

Alcoholic content vol.: 14.00% | pH: 3.66 | Total acidity: 6.20g/dm3 Sugar: 0.6g/L

Producer: Quinta do Javali
Tipology: Red

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