Pormenor Vinhos, Lda
Rua Tirso Olazabal, n, 88 H6
4410- 484 Vila Nova de Gaia

T. +351 223 225 100



Pormenor Vinhos arise in Douro in the year of 2013.

The project was born to be small in quantities but large in it´s philosophy giving full priority to the main elements “used” to produce wines: Soil - Vine - Grapes - Climate.

We produce wines with minimal intervention in its winemaking and aging process - biodynamic wines. As we like to say, intricately uncomplicated wine !!!!! The "team" consists in three members, Pedro Coelho, José Silva and Miguel Cardozo, all linked to the wine in any way.

Since grandparents wich were oak barrel producers to parents related with the cork business, was missing someone in the family to produce the drink ... here we are !!!!!