Martha’s Wines & Spirits
Address: Travessa S. Gonçalo nº 2,
S. João de Lobrigos 5030 - 428
Santa Marta de Penaguião – Portugal

Phone: +351 254 828 095
Fax: +351 254 828 096

Martha's Wines & Spirits

Martha’s Wines & Spirits, is a family-owned winery with long lasting ties to the Douro, whose properties go back to 1727. The knowledge and passion for the wine and for the land has been transmitted during many generations, which allowed the family to produce premium wines and spirits with extreme elegance, from some of the best grapes in the region. Since the beginning that Martha´s differentiation point was to offer not only the best quality products, but as well as a sensorial experience that could transmit and combine with the artistic landscape of Douro - charming and artistic bottles that express the passion for the Douro Valley and Douro River, the vines, the wine and the dedicated winemaking. The previous generations were an inspiration to the current one, who is reinventing fine spirits from Portugal, by crafting distilled wine and grapes and ageing them in port wine barrels. We invite you to discover our artistic patrimony though our singular bottles across Martha´s portfolio.