Casa Calços do Tanha, Vilarinho dos Freires,
5050-362 Peso da Régua
Telf: +351 937 796 630
Telf: +351 937 796 585

Quinta do Zimbro

Quinta do Zimbro is a place, a farm, a winery, a vision. A project of people, family and friends,! With Port Wine registers since 1875, Quinta do Zimbro is part of the historic vineyards of Douro Region. On our history, Quinta do Zimbro starts on 2003, by our father Manuel Pinto Hespanhol, with a vision of taking further his passion initiated in the 80’s with the applauded Calços do Tanha from Baixo Corgo. He is part of a generation of independent producers who empowered the Douro Doc wine, leaving a strong will to the generation of 5 daughters! Since 2014 we started the vinification from own grapes only, on a journey of re-discovery of the land expressions. A new cycle on the land and with the the grapes, with the challenge of maintaining the consistency and the character of the house but also bringing more freedom and authenticity to the wines we make. Experiment and explore, avoiding add-ons, putting aside make-up and risking more. No big pretensions but with great expectations.Enthusiastic about natural wines, step by step into biologic agriculture, curious about new perspectives, our commitment is to learn and to respect our environment, with the mission of creating exciting and enjoyable wines.