Quinta da Silveira
Estrada Nacional, 102, Km 52
5160-002 Adeganha
Torre de Moncorvo


Telf: (+351) 917283022

Quinta da Silveira

Sociedade Agrícola do Vale da Vilariça, Lda is a two properties' company, located in the Douro Region. One of the properties is called Quinta da Silveira, and it belongs to the family for nearly 170 years. The other is Quinta do Tourão, a property acquired parcel to parcel, along the last 30 years. The two properties have a total area of 70 hectares of vineyards, with the best varieties for the Port and Douro DOC wines production. The wine is made in Quinta da Silveira in open tanks (lagares) and aged in French oak barrels in the warehouse. Both farms are located in the Vilariça Valley, one in the village of Torre de Moncorvo and the other in Vila Flor.