Rua do Nogueirão 15A
5000-111 Guiães, Vila Real

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Ceira Wines and Vines

We present you Ceira Wines and Vines, an idea from a long time ago, a dream that we are slowly living. We like the way we are doing it, in a very simple manner. We wish that all the passion for the vines and the wines, that we put in every single action, can also be lived and understood by our clients. For that, we present you our wines, that we believe are special. Our vineyards are located in the Alto Douro Wine Region, in the Cima Corgo sub-region. United by the Ceira River, they have different characteristics, allowing the production of peculiar wines. Each wine brand explores the potential of each of the plots, highlighting the characteristics offered by the existing grape varieties, age of the strains, altitude, sun exposure and other characteristics of the terroir. We thus achieved a great variety, despite the small scale. We take care of each batch in a unique way, to guarantee the best quality for each bottle.