Adega da Casa Branca
EN 226-2
5120-399 Tabuaço
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Quinta do Filoco

Quinta do Filoco is located in Tabuaço, in the heart of the Douro Region.

Jeremias de Macedo, an experienced, determined and passionate man, loved the land where we was born and brought up – The Douro Region. He devoted his all life to it, and during several years he bought several vineyards hectares and built a wine cellar. His dream was to produce Douro’s wine and Port’ wine.

The vineyards and the wine-cellar, were modernised with brand new equipments and techniques. Nowadays this winegrower is one of the largest and well-succeeded family company with the largest area of vineyards in the Douro’s region.

130 hectares of vineyard with different altitudes (between 50 and 550 meters)

Grape varieties - Touriga Nacional, the Touriga Franca, the Tinta Roriz, the Malvasia Fina, the Rabigato and the Viosinho.