Quinta do Silval - Vale de Mendiz,
5085-104 Alijó

Contact person: João Magalhães
E-mail: joao.magalhaes@quintadosilval.pt
E-mail: joao.magalhaes@enerpellets.pt
Telf: +351 914 845 966

Quinta do Silval

Quinta do Silval has a long history in the Douro region for producing wines of excellence. Its properties are located in the heart of the original area demarked in 1756, by the Marquês of Pombal. There are about 42 hectares and it is situated in the famous valleys of Vale de Mendiz and Roncão, near the Village of Pinhão. They are all letter A, this being the highest rating given to the vineyards of this region, and classified by UNESCO since 2001 as being a world heritage site. Quinta do Silval’s Port wine production is secular, as well as its storage in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, thus promoting the exporting of the wine. The transport of the wine from the village of Pinhão to the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia was carried out by picturesque rabelo boats. In the mid-19th century, more specifically in 1870, Quinta do Silval was already producing and selling wine, bottled with their label, Torquato Magalhães. At the end of the 20th century, in 1985, the Magalhães family patriarch – Carlos Magalhães – decided to revive its unique production of port wine and begin the production of the DOC Douro wines. The owners of Quinta do Silval descended from one of the three branches of the Magalhães family, which have always been in the region of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, as the explorer Fernão de Magalhães, who was born in the nearby town of Sabrosa, up to Torquato de Magalhães, one of the famous advocates of Douro and one of the owners of Quinta do Silval.